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I.L.A.A. - Club Affiliation


The I.L.A.A. warmly welcome all groups of Longbows who wish to affiliate and support the Longbow Shooting Traditions
Affiliation gives your Club / Company / Events full worldwide publicity
The I.L.A.A.'s legal, financial and P/R expertise will be your disposal



Longbow Archers




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As soon as your Application has been received and processed, we shall contact you and make arrangements.

The  Club Affiliation Fee is £28.

Terms and Conditions


* The International Longbow Archers Association (hereinafter referred to as the I.L.A.A.) is the lowest cost highest standard insurer of traditional longbow events.

It retains this position because of clear definitions, easy to risk-assess by the insurer, thereby maintaining a low premium.

You understand and accept that the I.L.A.A., is longbow specific, represents and gives equal support to all longbow archers, all sections and draw-weights of longbow and all the longbow aiming and ranging traditions.

As an Affiliated entity of the I.L.A.A. you understand that the insurance available to you constitutes a third-party public liability sport insurance cover, specific to longbow archery and that it is neither a personal accident, nor re-enactment insurance. The I.L.A.A. insurance does not permit a mix of longbows with other bows at any given event, shooting exercise, or section. Nor does it permit a mix of longbow aiming and ranging traditions, with other archery traditions.

As an Affiliated entity you have a free choice of ten established longbow traditions: Target, Clout, Speed, Flight (distance), Wand, Line, Field-shooting, Popinjay, Beursault and Marks.

1) With the aim to maintain low-cost insurance for each of the above

For Target, Clout, Speed, Flight, Wand, Line and Field-shooting, the Affiliated entity can demonstrate a minimum 3-years’ experience of recruiting, organising and monitoring such an event.

2).   For Popinjay and Beursault, it can in addition demonstrate that it has the necessary equipment for the event.

3).   For Marks, the prior 3-year experience is replaced by two of the organisers passing an organisers course that consists of setting out and monitoring 2 week-end shoots to the Marks. The Affiliated entity must also demonstrate it has the necessary equipment for the event.

For any of the above shooting-traditions, the Affiliated entity undertakes it has two people present equipped with first-aid packs and the qualification to use these and any other aids in an emergency.

Organizers of an I.L.A.A. event should request a given date for their event, one year at a time and accept that the I.L.A.A. will (in their own interests) make every effort to avoid a clash between their event and other I.L.A.A. events. Where a clash occurs, the senior/older event will take precedence as a calendar entry. Organisers of I.L.A.A. events will for future years (in their own interests) keep to the given date, reserved for the same week-end and month as discussed with the I.L.A.A. Management Committee. Prior permission in writing from the I.L.A.A. Management Committee is required for the event, which permission shall not unreasonably be withheld.

You undertake to submit a copy of the Constitution and Rules of your club/company/entity so that any conflict therein with the Constitution and Rules of the I.L.A.A. may be identified and remedied. You understand that the Constitution and Rules of the I.L.A.A. will take precedence at the particular event you organise and/or within the particular section of your event.

You undertake you will submit a list of your Organising Committee, stating clear functions for each of its members.

Where the committee changes you will submit the new committee members and functions.

With the aim to maintain low-cost insurance, you will undertake accurately and honestly to complete a risk-assessment form and to re-submit that form as circumstances change. You understand that risk-assessment should be wholly transparent and easily assessed for insurance purposes. You undertake to submit a marketing proposal as to how you will recruit participants to your event and who will be responsible for your marketing plan.

You undertake that you will submit a list of participants in electronic form within 72 hours after the event has taken place.

On payment of your Affiliation fee you will be sent a copy of the I.L.A.A. Constitution and Rules of Shooting after which you will have a 14 day cooling-off period. On expiry of that period you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the Constitution and the Rules of Shooting. You should also read, understand and agree to the I.L.A.A. longbow definition which you will find by going to; www.longbow-archers-association.org. You undertake to ensure all longbows in your event or section are covered by that definition for your Affiliation to be valid. Should you wish to reverse your decision to join, then you can do so within the 14 day period and receive a refund minus payment intermediary and administrative. Any re-application for Affiliation is discretionary.

You understand and accept that beyond the exercise of such reasonable care as enshrined in the Constitution and the Rules of shooting, the I.L.A.A. Management Committee, Officers, Agents or Assigns expressly disclaim all liability for injury, damage or detriment of any kind.